Who we are, how we started and what we do

About ASCA


The Australian Speech Communication Association Inc – affiliated with the English Speaking Board (International) Ltd – is an organisation which promotes and helps the development of oral communication and listening skills in education, professional and social spheres.

ASCA offers a series of finely graded oral and written examinations which encourage and challenge candidates of all ages and levels.

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History of ASCA

The History of ASCA

ASCA FounderASCA began as a branch of the English Speaking Board but soon became the Australian Speech Communication Association.


At the inception of ASCA the founder, Gina Pioro, stated “I came to Australia as an examiner in the ‘one-on-one’ situation – hearing often excellent renditions of poetry, prose and drama –      but something was missing.   It was the sharing – the interaction between the candidate and an interested and enquiring audience where listening skills were as important as speaking.

ASCA’s unique style of examining with parents and friends present as part of the audience was well received as its vital part in the communication process was recognised. Parents were enthusiastic and students enjoyed the opportunity to communicate with an audience.

ASCA’s popularity spread purely word of mouth to schools in Sydney and later in Wagga and Melbourne.  Now ASCA examinations are conducted extensively in all of the eastern states in both  city and country centres.  Qld started on the Gold Coast in the seventies and has grown immensely.

* In QLD,  ASCA is registered with QCAA and QTAC to facilitate senior passes and tertiary entrance.

ASCA 1974 Founding Committee

Patron:  Emeritus:  Professor Arthur Delbridge AO

Director: Gina Pioro  FESB  LRAM

President:  John Bell AO

Chairperson: Don Hocking Dip. ESB

Secretary:  Paul March  PhD  FACE  FESB

The Committee

The ASCA Committee

Our ASCA Committee is comprised of a group of passionate individuals who generously donate their time to run this not-for-profit organisation. Each committee member has expertise in the field of speech communication and a belief in our unique method of examination that involves sharing and interaction with an audience.

ASCA committee


Annually ASCA supports various organisations by providing donations to promote communication and performance skills.

  • Various eisteddfod societies – including Sydney Eisteddfod.
  • IEC Oratory Program/Competition – we make an annual donation to help provide  the vast benefits and opportunities for the students.
  • The World Debating and Public Speaking Competition –  2017 ASCA provided the prizes for this International competition.

Annual Awards

Annual ASCA Awards Ceremony

The Awards Ceremony is held during the earlier part of the following year.  Ceremonies are held in NSW, Queensland and Victoria. 

The ceremony involves outstanding performances of  items prepared for the examinations, a guest speaker who has made a contribution of communication  and the presentation of awards.

  • An Excellence in Communication Certificate.
  • Awards presented on this day include:
  • National Scholarship
  • Directors Award
  • Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Diplomas                                  
  • Certificate of Communication
  • Centre, Studio and Studio Achievement Medals
  • Special Awards

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